Commercial Projects

The use of Helix Helix Micro Rebar™ reinforcement eliminated 120 tons of rebar and saved six weeks on the overall project schedule.

— Casey Harvey, Director of OperationsCustom Concrete
  • Extensive Engineering Support

    With a live, experienced engineering support team, we can help you design with Micro Rebar™ from the ground up, or convert an existing rebar job to Micro Rebar™.

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    Micro Rebar™ reduces carbon footprint by 1.7 lb Co2 per pound of cement when replacing rebar, and reduces cement demand by 2 lb Co2 per pound of cement.

  • Easier to Finish than Fiber Concrete

    Lower dosages make mixing and finishing easier.

Save Time. Save Money. Finish Faster.

Better, faster and less expensive, Helix Micro Rebar™ provides a true structural slab that can support building loads at a fraction of the cost and time required to build. For nearly 20 years, Micro Rebar™ has been successfully installed in the highest-load environments—including rebar factory floors. In addition to being better, faster and less expensive, it Micro Rebar™ is also more sustainable, helping lower a project’s carbon footprint.

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