JBS Beef Plant Cattle Pen Addition

Grand Island, Nebraska

With the use of Helix in our design, we were able to increase the efficiency and simplicity of the scope of the project while drastically increasing the strength and durability of the pavements for our customer.

— Tim FosterMPC Inc.

The Helix Difference

297%Shear Strength
16%Modulus of Rupture
19%Bending Moment
18Days Saved



MPC Inc.

Original Design

6" Pavement with #4 Rebar at 12"
8" Pavement with #5 Rebar @ 12"

Helix Dosage

25 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25

JBS is one of the leading producers of beef, pork, and other prepared foods across the United States and Canada. In an effort to expand their operation, JBS acquired the Grand Island, NE beef facility in 2007. The facility was originally built in 1965 by Swift & Co. The facility produces nearly 1 billion pounds of beef and beef products per year.

As part of a $95 million investment to increase beef production, Helix was specified to help strengthen the stamped exterior pavements in over 190,000 sq. ft (4.3+ acres). In addition to increasing the durability of the pavements by over 50%, Helix was also able to reinforce the pavements while minimizing the threat of corrosion in an otherwise highly corrosive environment. Helix helped to streamline the project timeline by over 15 working days due to the elimination of placing and tying the original specified rebar.

Special thanks to MPC, Inc as well as Consolidated Concrete Co. and Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc.