Ultium Cells Manufacturing Facility

Warren, Ohio

The Helix Advantage

196%Shear Strength
15% Modulus of Rupture
860,000+Lbs of Steel
42%Global Warming Potential

Industrial, Commercial


Ultium Cells LLC (General Motors and LG Chem's LG Energy Solution JV)


Barton Malow

Original Design

8" Slab: 23 lbs/yd3 of Steel Fiber
14" Slab: (2) layers of #5 @ 12"
18" Slab: (2) layers of #6 @ 12"

Helix Dosage

8" Slab: 9 lbs/yd3
12" Slabs: 22.5 lbs/yd3

By utilizing Helix Steel’s 5-25 product, more than 860,000 lbs of steel where removed from the design while improving the durability and finishing ability of the 2.8+ million sq. ft. facility. Along side the design teams at Gresham Smith and Barton Malow, Helix was able to reduce thicknesses and improve designs in certain locations or reduce the dosage of the traditional steel fiber that had been used from previous projects. The overall global warming potential was also reduced by 42%.


About the facility (Ultium Cells LLC – Lordstown, Ohio):

  • General Motors and LG Chem’s LG Energy Solution joint venture (50/50)
  • manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells for electric vehicles
  • $2.3 billion investment and more than 1,100 new jobs
  • 2.8-million-square-foot plant located in Lordstown, Ohio
  • target manufacturing capacity of 30 GWh annually (with an option for further expansion)
  • cell type: large-format, pouch-style cells
  • groundbreaking in May 2020
  • production to start from 2022