How Helix Helps Ready-Mix Producers

The use of Helix Micro Rebar™ reinforcement eliminated 120 tons of rebar and saved six weeks on the overall project schedule.

— Casey Harvey, Director of OperationsCustom Concrete
  • Unique Ready-Mix Incentives

    Helix offers unique margin opportunities for ready mix producers, special ready-mix pricing, and a ready-mix reseller program.

  • Engineering Support

    Live engineering support for commercial projects.

  • Decreased Labor Costs

    Help customers reduce their total reinforcement costs by decreasing labor expenditures, allowing contractors to complete more jobs in less time.

Micro-Rebar for Ready-Mix Producers

The only product permitted in structural applications that can be sold by ready-mix producers, using Helix Micro Rebar™ increases the pour rate and provides strength improvement over traditional reinforcement, adding value to your customer’s projects. In addition to saving one day of construction for every 10,000 square feet of rebar you replace, by offering concrete reinforcement as part of the mix design, most ready mix groups are able to increase their revenue and profitability by at least 30% on the average project.

Dosing & Mixing

Helix Micro Rebar for Ready-Mix Producers

Download the Value-Added Helix Micro Rebar Guide for Ready-Mix Producers to learn more about expediting your ready-mix processes, lowering your labor costs and delivering a higher quality concrete product.


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