Industrial Projects

Helix Steel saves months on the schedule and on projects of this magnitude, that’s $100,000 a day.

  • Proven Industrial Track Record

    Proven in heavy industry applications, including heavy pavements, duct banks and foundations.

  • Higher Load Capacity

    Helix Micro Rebar™ has a higher load capacity for construction loads, without requiring thicker pavements.

  • More Flexural Strength than Rebar

    While concrete has to crack before rebar works, Micro Rebar™ strengthens the concrete itself, before cracks start to form.

Easier, Stronger and Faster to Install

Particularly ideal for remote installations where rebar is difficult to place, using Helix Micro Rebar™ for your industrial projects results in better performance overall, including increased flexural and shear strength, improved impact-and fatigue-resistance, and simpler rebar configurations.

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