How Helix Helps Concrete Contractors

The use of Helix Micro Rebar™ reinforcement eliminated 120 tons of rebar and saved six weeks on the overall project schedule.

— Casey Harvey, Director of OperationsCustom Concrete
  • Saves Money

    Reduces the cost of concrete reinforcement and improves your bottom line.

  • Saves Time

    Eliminates the need for rebar installations, speeding up your projects.

  • Code-Approved Rebar Alternative

    The only alternative to rebar that’s certified IBC and IRC code compliant by ICC.

Micro-Rebar for Concrete Contractors

Safer, faster and stronger than rebar, Helix Micro Rebar™ gives Concrete Contractors a better – and more profitable – way to build with concrete. Helix Micro Rebar™ makes jobs go faster and cost less by eliminating the need for costly rebar crews and installation. Contractors prefer Helix Micro Rebar™ over fibers because the dosage is lower and the product is shorter and stiffer, making it easier to mix and finish than long steel or plastic fibers.

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