Insulated Concrete Form Wall Projects

Using Helix Micro Rebar™ reinforcement enabled our development to have added resilience while reducing over 10 weeks from our construction schedule.

— Davenport Development
  • Extensive ICF Experience

    We have a substantial amount of experience with all systems of ICF in North America.

  • Proven in the Field

    See how Helix helped Handeeman replace all the horizontal and corner rebar for their ICF home.

  • Easy to Use

    Reinforcement comes in the truck, ready to go.

Faster Projects, Lower Costs

ICC-approved and proven in thousands of structures since 2006, using Helix Micro Rebar™ for ICF projects lowers the cost of construction and speeds up the assembly of ICF block walls, reducing the need to install rebar during the process. With a higher flexural strength than rebar, Micro Rebar™ improves performance and provides peace of mind when it comes to preventing water infiltration.

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