Roads & Infrastructure

  • Lower Dosages than Steel Fibers

    Third-party testing has proved that Micro Rebar® requires lower dosages than steel fibers.

  • Buy America Compliant

    No need to apply for waivers to purchase foreign steel. Helix Micro Rebar® is made in America, eliminating the need for waivers. Buy America Compliant material is available on request.

  • Higher MOR

    Allows for thinner sections and provides more fatigue resistance.

Better, Stronger & Longer Lasting

Helix Micro Rebar® has led to better and longer-lasting concrete in roads and other infrastructure projects for more than a decade. Approved in more than a dozen states and proven in pavements, bridge deck overlays, tunnel linings, shotcrete, and precast bridge elements, Micro Rebar® improves concrete’s flexural strength, allowing for thinner sections and providing more resistance to fatigue.


Helix is a proud member of the National Road Research Alliance and has participated in the development of partial depth repair methods to extend the life of both pavements and bridges.

Heavy-Duty Parking Lots

Helix has undergone testing up to 5 million equivalent single axle loads and has been proven in pavements for over a decade.

Bridge Decks

The corrosion resistance of Helix makes it ideal for exterior applications exposed to water, as well as de-icing agents

Duct Banks

Helix’s greater flexural strength offers the ability to reduce thickness or increase fatigue life.

We have designed and deployed over 4.5 million square meters of Helix® Micro Rebar® reinforced concrete with 100% customer satisfaction.

— Juan Aguilera VillarrealTecnor

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