Rivian Manufacturing Expansion

Illinois, Normal

The Helix Advantage

128%Shear Strength
22%Carbon Footprint

Industrial, Commercial


Rivian Automotive, Inc


Walbridge/River City Construction

Original Design

Forklift with 7,500 axle load
Racking loads with 8,500 lb post loads

Helix Dosage

Helix 5-25: 15 lbs/yd3

Rivian’s Normal factory has steadily grown over the years. In July 2020, Rivian’s plans for additions totaling 576,000 sq ft to its production facility were approved by the town council. In October 2021, Rivian made public plans to grow the facility with a 623,000 sq ft (57,900 m2) addition to be built on the west side of the existing facility, which if built would bring the total Rivian facility size to 3,900,000 sq ft (360,000 m2)