Humboldt County South Jetty Repair

Humboldt County, California

The Helix Advantage

343%Shear Strength
62%Durability & Toughness
31%Modulus of Rupture

Infrastructure, Industrial


Army Corp of Engineers


SEA Construction

Helix Dosage

75 lbs/yd3

The jetties were first authorized in 1881, and constructed in 1899, so they represent some of the San Francisco District’s earliest projects. They take a huge beating from storms, severe wave action and unusual high tides. Through it all, they have stood the test of time for well over a century. The project will repair the North and South Jetties at the entrance to Humboldt Harbor; combined they are approximately 15,400 linear feet in length. Additional rocks are being delivered from a nearby quarry for placement as part of the repairs.

The U.S. Corps. of Engineers released what would be the first repair and reconstruction plans for the North and South Humboldt Bay Jetties in almost 50 years.