Lake Havasu City Pavement Rehabilitation

Arizona, Lake Havasu City

The Helix Advantage

247%Shear Strength
31%Carbon Footprint Reduction



Lake Havasu City


GC: Pioneer Earthmoving
Commercial Concrete Contractor: Protek Construction

Helix Dosage

22.5 lbs/yd3

Lake Havasu City in Northwest Arizona faces serious issues with its asphalt roads due to the extremely high desert temperatures. Since asphalt temperatures are 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the temperature of the air, damage to roads is frequent, especially in places where vehicles are braking and turning.

Seeking a more durable solution for one road in particular, Lake Havasu City chose Protek Construction to replace straight sections of asphalt with new asphalt, while high-wear-and-tear intersections would be replaced with concrete reinforced with Helix Micro Rebar™. Each pour included a heavy dosage of 22-1/2 lb/yd of Helix Micro Rebar™, ensuring enhanced durability and crack resistance for decades to come.

Doing a job faster and better with Helix Micro Rebar™ is one thing, but Protek greatly valued working with the Helix Steel professionals who understand the importance of putting their all into every project.

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