Allied Properties

Texas, Larado

"By using Helix for the all of the exterior parking areas, we were able to save over two months and eliminate a significant constraint of our project in placing and tying rebar."

— Gary Chatham Park Avenue Construction

Helix Advantage

117%Shear Strength
10%Modulus of Rupture
3%Bending Moment
60Days SavedConstruction Days



Park Avenue Construction

Original Design

Daily Traffic Requirements of 700 units/day with cargo loads averaging 40,000 - 50,000 lbs each

Helix Dosage

6" pavements with 9 lbs/yd3 for light use areas
7" pavements with 13.5 lbs/yd3 for truck lanes

As part of the Sophia Industrial Park in Laredo, TX, Helix partnered with Park Ave Construction to create a design based the specific load and expected traffic patterns of the exterior pavements for Allied Properties. By using Helix for more than 600,000 sq. ft., the timeline of the project was improved by more than 60 days.

The Allied Properties warehouse includes 242 trailer staging spaces and is located near Interstate 35 and the World Trade Bridge.

Special Thanks to Park Avenue Construction for partnering on this project.

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