Dynarex Warehouse

Middletown, New York

The Helix Advantage

380%Shear Strength
46%Durability & Toughness
42Days of Construction
580,000+lbs of Steel
65%Global Warming Potential

Industrial, Commercial


Dynarex Corporation


BH Concrete

Original Design

10" Slab with #3 @ 12"
8" Slab with #5 @ 12"
12" Foundation wall with (2) layers of #5 @ 12"
12" Retaining wall with (2) layers of #5 @ 12"

Helix Dosage

8.5" Slab with 13.5 lbs/yd3
8" Slab with 22.5 lbs/yd3
12" Foundation Wall with 27 lbs/yd3
12" Retaining Wall with 27 lbs/yd3 + #5 @ 12" vertical rebar (soil face)

By utilizing Helix Steel’s design, over 290 tons of steel were eliminated from the new Dynarex Warehouse in Middletown, NY. The original slab was thinned by 1.5″ while the foundation walls were optimized with a 100% replacement of the double layer of rebar. While constructing, over 40 days were saved from the original construction schedule. The ability to optimize the project with Helix Steel was made possible by:

  • IPD Engineering
  • Advanced Building & Planning Inc
  • BH Concrete
  • Ringler Construction LLC
  • E. Tetz & Sons


About Dynarex Corp (www.dynarex.com): Dynarex Corporation is located in Orangeburg, NY, United States and is part of the Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers Industry.