Wind Farm

Macarthur, Victoria, Australia

All of the Helix Steel foundations finished perfectly, with no signs of cracking.

— Leighton Constructions
70%Shear Strength
11%Modulus of Rupture
2 Days SavedSpeed of Construction
2 Tons/BaseCarbon Footprint


Original Design

N24 bar at 140mm each way
#8@6” OCEW

Helix Dosage

18 kg/m3 or 30 lb/yd3

The Macarthur Wind Farm has the capacity to generate enough clean, green energy to power the equivalent of approximately 220,000 average Victorian households and also save approximately 1.5 million tons of greenhouse gases each year.

Although the original design consisted of N24 bar at 140mm each way for shrinkage control, cracking was a major concern. Thus Leighton Constructions turned to Helix Steel to three dimensionally reinforce 140 base structures and provide unparalleled pre-crack capabilities.