Route 76 Bridge

Missouri, Cape Fair

Helix’s ability to engineer and produce a domestic product on short notice was key to allowing us to meet our schedule. This product mixed well with the FasTrac 246 material eliminating concerns of clumping that we have experienced with past fiber materials

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Lehman Construction LLC


Missouri DOT

Helix Dosage

200lb/yd3 of Helix® 5-13 Uncoated

In Cape Fair, Missouri, the bridge over Table Rock Lake was in desperate need of repair, having been built in 1957 and carrying more than 4,000 vehicles every day.

Precast panels were designed to replace the main sections of the bridge. A combination of FasTrac rapid-setting concrete and Helix 5-13 Micro Rebar reinforcement was used to provide connections between each precast panel. The concrete was mixed on-site in ½-yard batches with a barge being used to safely install the precast panels over the Lake below.

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