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Helix Micro Rebar in Design-Build

December 2, 12 p.m. EST

Join our Live Webinar on “Helix Micro Rebar in Design-Build”

The competition for design-build work is becoming more and more fierce. It’s time to learn proven ways to sharpen your designs by implementing Helix Micro Rebar in your concrete. Helix Steel’s team will be with you the entire way from design through construction. 

This webinar will tell you more about Helix Micro Rebar and offer examples of how the Helix Steel process has worked to help contractors win projects, earn higher margins and complete work faster for clients while providing high-quality results.

Our free webinar will give you insight directly from Helix Steel’s sales and finance manager Dan Lucas, and every webinar attendee will receive an official Certificate of Completion.

What you will learn:

  • The ingenuity behind Helix Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement
  • The easy process of working with Helix Steel’s in-house design-build team
  • Key examples of how Helix Micro Rebar is helping people just like you

Presented By:

Dan Lucas

Sales & Finance Manager

Dan Lucas joined Helix in 2017. He focuses on Commercial and Industrial sales, but also handles strategic planning and continuous improvement. Prior to Helix, Dan worked for over five years in financial and sales support roles within the commercial construction industry. He received degrees from Grand Valley State University in Accounting and Statistics, and earned an MBA from Ball State University. Dan also has his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate. From small projects to multi-million dollar projects, Dan prides himself on being extremely thorough and prompt with his customers. Outside of Helix, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessie, and son, Henry.

About Helix Steel

Helix Steel is an innovative business based in Michigan that manufacturers and distributes the proprietary Helix® Micro Rebar® concrete reinforcement. The one-inch-long twisted steel pieces are mixed with concrete to create a long-lasting bond, preventing cracks before they even start, and are code-approved in many applications from warehouse slabs and highway bridges to tilt-up panels and ICF.

Proactive Concrete Reinforcement Technology

Saves You Time

Every 10,000 sq. ft. of rebar replaced with Micro Rebar® saves one full day of construction.

Saves You Money

Using Micro Rebar® allows contractors to simplify operations, dramatically reducing project costs.

A Superior Product

When compared to rebar, Helix® Micro Rebar® can increase fatigue resistance by up to 300%, and flexural strength by up to 33%.

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