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Loch Berry Road Residence

Winter Park, Florida

We used the Helix Micro Rebar to replace the horizontal field rebar in the ICF walls on this project. The Helix allowed us to remove the field horizontal rebar. This saves us time…which equates to dollars and provides us with a much stronger ICF wall. Plus, the Helix Micro Rebar is easily added by our ready mix concrete suppliers and causes no issues to our pour.

— Turning Leaf Construction, LLCJohn Riddle, CGP, LEED AP


Helix Dosage

9 lb/yd3

Original Design

#4 @ 16” O/C horizontal


Turning Leaf Custom Homes


Turning Leaf ICF

Florida developer Turning Leaf Custom Homes uses Helix Micro Rebar and Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms in all of its ICF homes. By choosing Helix Micro Rebar as their primary concrete reinforcement, Turning Lead no longer needs to go through the time-consuming process of installing field horizontal rebar or pay for additional engineering work. Their ready-mix-concrete partners also embrace the reinforcement since it is easy to add to their trucks prior to delivery to the jobsite.

The result is not only cost and time savings for Turning Leaf, but also very strong ICF walls.

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