Helio Apartment Complex

North Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Helix Steel has enabled us to accelerate our construction timelines by eliminating a lot of the steel.

— Anthony Edwards



Helix Australia

Original Design

SOG - 8 kg/m3
SOMD - 20 kg/m3 and N12-200 EW TOP
and N16-200 EW BTM
Pad & Crane Footings Helix Hybrid Design
Strip Footings - 8 kg/m3

The Helio Apartment Complex is a 16-story apartment development on Flemington Road opposite the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Helix Steel was used leverage in a multitude of applications in this development, ranging from Core Raft Slabs, Pad and Crane Footings to Strip Footings and the Slab on Grade.

The 1200mm Raft Slab was originally specified with N28-200 EW TOP and N32-200 EW BTM, however with a Helix Steel hybrid design, this was replaced with 20 kg/m3 Helix and N12-200 EW TOP and N16-200 EW BTM. The Pad and Crane Footings were also Helix® hybrid designs. For the Pad Footings, two layers of rebar were replaced with one layer of mesh and a dosage of Helix® Micro Rebar™ concrete reinforcement, while the size of the two layers of rebar in the Crane footings were reduced by adding Helix® reinforcement to the concrete.

A dosage of Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement alone replaced all the conventional reinforcement in the Strip Footings and the SOG.