CKJV Olefins Facility

Corpus Christi, Texas

The Helix Advantage

197%Shear Strength
15%Modulus of Rupture

Infrastructure, Industrial

ExxonMobil/Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC)

Helix Dosage

4" Light Pavement - 18 lbs/cy
10" Heavy Pavement - 13.5 lbs/cy
12" Heavy Pavement - 22.5 lbs/cy
54" Duct Bank - 18 lbs/cy
34" Duct Bank - 27 lbs/cy
4" V-Ditch - 13.5 lbs/cy

The $7 billion Gulf Coast Growth Ventures facility near Gregory, TX is a joint facility between ExxonMobil Chemical and Saudi Basic Industries Corp. The new facility is an ethylene cracker plant and is expected to be in full production by 2022.

Up to 6,000 jobs will be created during the construction phase. After the facility opens, it will create 600 permanent jobs on site. According to GCGV, 70% of the 200 people hired to operate the manufacturing plant were hired locally.

Ethylene from an ethane steam cracker will feed three derivative units. One unit will produce monoethylene glycol, which is used in latex paints, automotive coolants and anti-freeze, or as a building block to create various forms of plastics. Additionally, two polyethylene units will provide polyethylene for use in film, packaging, bottles and containers, and various sized pipes.


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