Big Bend Power Station

Apollo Beach, Florida

The Helix Advantage

126%Shear Strength
16%Modulus of Rupture

Infrastructure, Industrial


Tampa Electric

Helix Dosage

18"-24" Foundation Pads - 18 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
6" Warehouse Slab on Grade - 13.5 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
12" Pavement - 25 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
48" Duct Bank - 22.5 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
40" Pile Cap - 18 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
30" x 18" Grade Beam - 31.5 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25

Estimated to cost $853m, the modernisation project will repower the plant’s oldest unit Big Bend-1 (445MW) with a 1,090MW two-on-one combined-cycle unit and decommission the Big Bend-2 (445MW), while Big Bend-3 (445MW) and Big Bend-4 (486MW) will continue to be operational.

Scheduled for completion in 2023, the modernisation project will bring the combined capacity of the power station to 2,021MW, while consuming less coal and water, producing less wastewater, and reducing carbon emissions by approximately three million tonnes.

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