Highlandville, Missouri

We chose Helix Steel because it uniquely adds three dimensional structural reinforcement to our concrete. No other product could provide the same level of safety and disaster resistance.

   – Steven Huff,  Huff Construction


Project Summary

Pensmore is a 75,000 sq. ft. (6,970 m2) manor. The structure is designed to withstand a direct hit from an EF5 tornado. The construction of this building is a practical application example of new building technologies for safer, more efficient, greener buildings. The hope is to build homes, hospitals and schools among other structures with these better technologies.


The exterior cladding has been design to leverage a stainless steel version of Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement.  This is to ensure that there will be no rust, even over the next several hundred years. 


Category:                 Residential
Contractor:             Huff Construction
Location:                 Highlandville, Missouri
Application:           Walls, Slabs, Precast Trim and Cladding

Helix Dosage:        Walls - 22.5 - 45 lb/yd3,

                                    Slabs -  34 1b/yd3,

                                    Roof - 60 lb/yd3,

                                    Cladding - up to 140/lb/yd3









Increase in Shear Strength:               247%

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:    23%

Increase in Durability:                        38%


Residential Projects

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