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Specifying Helix Micro Rebar in Concrete Applications

It’s time for engineers, developers and contractors to build better, faster and stronger than ever before.

When you specify Helix Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement, you will receive optimized designs for structural applications and access to a team of engineers passionate about shortening project schedules, reducing waste and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are other popular reasons why people just like you are choosing Helix Micro Rebar:

  • Helix Micro Rebar can be used in many common concrete applications, including slabs, walls, footings, foundations, structural slabs, slabs on metal decks and precast.
  • It is easy to finish, given its small size and low dosage.
  • It also has pre-approved doses for most applications and meets design guidelines for alternative means and methods under ACI 318, IRC and IBC.

How Do You Specify Helix Micro Rebar?

1. Determine if Helix Micro Rebar works for you

Our superior concrete reinforcement has been used in thousands of projects across North America. Read more about some of the many applications Helix Micro Rebar has been used in and the benefits of each. 

2. Submit project specifications to Helix Steel’s engineering team

Provide our team with a brief description of your project, and we will provide a dosage using your rebar or mesh reinforcement design. If you are seeking specification details for your home building project, review our ICC-ES report.

3. Work with us

When you specify Helix Steel, our whole team works with you, from engineering to project management to field engineering support

Our in-house engineers and project managers coordinate with your Engineer of Record to ensure complete transparency and exceptional design. As a part of the concrete design process, we will provide an equivalent load resistance to the original design, supported by a calculation package.

4. Specify Helix Micro Rebar in drawings

Your Engineer of Record will specify Helix Micro Rebar in construction documents, ensuring compliance with building codes. Helix Steel can also manage this process if needed.

Mix Design & Dosing

Although many Helix Micro Rebar doses are standardized based on pre-approved designs, Helix Steel strongly encourages you to contact Helix Steel to ensure your dosage meets the needs of your region and building codes.


As a part of the concrete design process, we will work with your Engineer to determine the concrete stresses and suggest extra steel reinforcement supports for certain areas. This support is often required for concrete slab applications with wall openings, slab corners and anywhere penetrations exist.

Standard details can be provided for residential applications through our ICC-ES report.

To get started with your commercial project, simply submit your project’s structural plans to our engineering team. We will provide the documentation you need, backed by industry research, evaluation reports and design tables. 

If your project is for a residential application, dosages are available via the ICC-ES report ESR 3949 and standard plans and details are available in our ICC-ES Equivalency Evaluation Report EER-3949.

Continue reading about the next stage of “Working With Helix Micro Rebar”: Preparation.