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Preparing Your Project for Helix Micro Rebar Concrete Reinforcement

Helix Steel works with engineers, contractors, concrete plants and crews to help prepare you for your pour. 

Our team supports your project from the beginning, from assisting your engineer in specifying Helix Micro Rebar to working with your crew to prepare the project site – and beyond!

Quality Assurance

Our in-house engineers and project managers work with your Engineer of Record to ensure full transparency and exceptional concrete results. We will review and optimize your concrete mix as needed.

Pre-Pour Support

In many cases, standard techniques can be used to ensure that you and your team are ready for the concrete pour that includes Helix Micro Rebar. 

Before your concrete pour, whether big or small, our project team will meet with you to discuss every step of the pouring process, including mixing, pouring and finishing. These meetings can involve a wide range of individuals, such as engineers, general contractors, concrete contractors, ready-mix producers and site foremen.


Concrete Testing

Testing is not typically needed since Helix Steel has pre-approved reports. But when required, we will work with your concrete contractor and engineer to complete a test batch using standard mix design practices.

Site Preparation

There are many standard techniques you can use to ensure that your site is ready for the concrete pour. For slabs, footings and foundations, your subgrade should be smooth, well compacted, free of ruts and covered in a moisture membrane if specified. For wall applications, forms must be in place and additional concrete reinforcement installed per your Engineer of Record’s design. Helix Steel will provide comprehensive outlines for every application upon request.

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