North Olmsted Senior Residences

North Olmsted, Ohio

We were able to provide an alternate that eliminated ALL the transverse bars, reduced the size of the longitudinal bar and remove the wire mesh. This was a true win / win / win for us, the GC and the owner.


The Helix Advantage

117%Shear Strength
27%Durability & Toughness
11%Modulus of Rupture
10days savedConstruction Days



Omni Senior Living


MPW Construction Services

Original Design

4" Slab on Grade with W2.9 Mesh @ 4"
12" Thickened Slab with #4 @ 24"

Helix Dosage

4" Slab on Grade with 13.5 lbs/yd^3 of Helix 5-25
12" Thickened Slab with 13.5 lbs/yd^ of Helix 5-25

For the latest senior living residence community, Omni Senior Living added roughly 100,000+ sq. ft. of total living area. In the original design, the thickened slab acted as a bearing footing around the perimeter of the building. The original design also included a complicated rebar design that made construction extremely difficult. Helix 5-25 was able to eliminate all of the required heavy mesh as well as the required transverse rebar and significantly reduce the longitudinal rebar. In total, Helix was able to save tens of thousands of dollars along with roughly 10 total construction days.

8 Reasons Why Design Professionals Are Specifying Helix Micro Rebar - Helix Steel - Featured Image

8 Reasons Why Design Professionals Are Specifying Helix Micro Rebar

Helix Micro Rebar is quickly being embraced by North America's leading architects and engineers who understand that this tiny rebar replacement provides superior value at a fraction of the cost.

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