MSU Cyclotron Facility

Michigan, East Lansing

By using Helix, the speed of construction was increased by over 7 working days while also reducing the carbon footprint by 33 tons.

194%Shear Strength
18%Modulus of Rupture
7 Days SavedSpeed of Construction
33 TonsCarbon Footprint



Granger Construction

Original Design

3.5” thick sections, 6x6, W3.0/W3.0 mesh

Helix Dosage

3.5” thick sections with 9 lb/yd3

Michigan State University is home to one of the world’s flagship nuclear science research facilities. This National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory is funded by the National Science Foundation to be a national user facility with a mission to provide beams of rare isotopes for researchers from around the world.

When completing this project, MSU chose to use Helix Steel Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar™ reinforcement as a structural reinforcement. The dosage of 9 lb/yd3 in a 3.5” thick section replaced the original 6×6, W3.0/W3.0 mesh. The modulus of rupture increased by 18%, the durability by 22% and the shear strength increased by 194%.

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