Landmark Hospital

Joplin, Missouri

Reduced Carbon Footprint by 41 tons and increased Speed of Construction by 15 days.

The Helix Difference

177%Shear Strength
3%Modulus of Rupture



Hoffman Construction Company

Original Design

4.5” thick section,
1 layer of W2.0 bars at 5.7”

Helix Dosage

4.5” thick section,
9 lb/yd3 or 5 kg/m3

Landmark Healthcare Facilities LLC is a leader in providing full-service physician office buildings, clinics, ambulatory care and surgery centers, cardiac and cancer centers, imaging centers, and laboratories. Landmark has been helping take care of people all across the country with their dedication to costumer service and reliability. The facility that was completed recently was used on the floors for another one of their office buildings.

Helix Steel was able to replace the original design of 4.5” section with 1 layer of W2.0 bars at 5.7” with a 4.5” section with 9 lb/yd3 of reinforced concrete.