FedEx Distribution Facility

Rogers, Minnesota

Concrete placement with Helix Steel went smoothly and enabled an excellent finish.

— Kinghorn Construction

The Helix Difference

163%Shear Strength
4%Modulus of Rupture
44%Bending Moment
12 DaysSpeed of Construction



Kinghorn Construction

Original Design

Interior SOG 6” w/#3 Bars @ 18“ OCEW
Exterior SOG 8” w/#4 Bars @ 18“ OCEW”

Helix Dosage

Interior & Exterior slabs; 9 lb/yd3

FedEx is one of the world’s largest tracking & shipping companies. They have a number of distribution centers all over the United States. This 460,000 sq. ft., distribution center facility is located in Rogers, MN.

Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement was used to replace the initial rebar reinforcement design. At a dosage rate of 9 lb/yd3 of concrete, both the interior and exterior slabs realized increased strength while helping to reduce Carbon Footprint and the overall Construction timeline.