Dowding Industries Plant

Eaton Rapids, Michigan

The SOG performance exceeded all expectations, having no cracks or flaws, even after 4 years of manufacturing.

— Granger Construction Company

The Helix Difference

60 %Shear Strength
18 %Modulus of Rupture
25 %Durability
2 DaysSpeed of Construction
9 TonsCarbon Footprint


Original Design

36" SOG with 2 layers of #6 rebar at 15"

Helix Dosage

36" SOG with 10 lb/yd3

Dowding Industries, Inc is a precision short to medium run manufacturer of progressive die stamping, metal fabrications, and welded assemblies. They also specialize in the custom laser cutting, prototyping, machining, and component part double disk grinding processes. All of this is done in their facilities located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

The contractor, Granger Construction Company, approached Helix Steel with a unique requirement of an industrial Slab on Grade that can withstand a heavy load manufacturing process. Based on the Helix Steel design methodology, they were able to replace 2 layers of #6 rebar at 15″ with a 10 lb/yd3 dosage.