BP Service Station

Melton, Victoria, Australia

We required less resources on the job, including people, material and equipment.

— iCrete Commercial Concrete



iCrete Commercial Concrete

Original Design

Slabs and Heavy Pavement, SL92 mesh
Footers, SL102 Mesh

Helix Dosage

Slabs and Heavy Pavement, 7 kg/m3
Footers, 11 kg/m3

Already suffering some time delays, and having successfully worked with Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforced concrete on other projects, the contractor was keen to persuade their client to use Helix Steel for the main Service Station building and all of the external pavements.

The concrete was able to prepare and pour a section of the slab every day. Because there was no mesh on the ground there was easy access for a laser screed and the concrete trucks. All of the concrete was pumped with ease. All parties were pleased with the finish which included black colored concrete.

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