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Helix Steel: Proud to Support American Manufacturing

Great American businesses embrace innovation and community, working together to bring out the best that our country has to offer.

Since its inception in 2003, Helix Steel has used America’s manufacturing prowess to improve the structure of buildings, and simultaneously eliminate the deficiencies and weaknesses of conventional concrete reinforcement methods.

Through the worldwide-patented and American-invented Helix® Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement, Helix Steel continues to demonstrate how it can proudly showcase America to the world.

Helix Steel Supports American Jobs

The global economy is rapidly entering a volatile age of efficiency over quality; of corporate dominance over community; of rapid growth over environmental consciousness.

Helix Steel has chosen the later in each case. Our American manufacturing and sales centres support dozens of highly specialized people right here in Michigan and throughout the country. Our personnel, especially those at our manufacturing facility, wear multiple hats and are trained in a wide range of tasks to increase their skill sets and ensure their jobs are safe, fulfilling and engaging.

Helix Steel Supports American Innovation

At the heart of Helix Steel is a constant need to improve America, with a product that was developed and patented right here. From a mandate to constantly evaluate processes, we are always improving our products. 

John Filush is Helix Steel’s operations manager, and thrives on the innovative spirit that is prevalent in every area of the business, “We discuss innovation constantly,” he says. “We have meetings with our executive team every month and talk about different ideas. Because of this, last year we made a significant improvement involving the redesign of our American-built  production system to be more efficient.”

Bill Gates himself has called out inefficiencies with concrete, and is talking about the need to address the ever-increasing problem of creating sustainable shelter around the world, saying “We need to give [developing countries] an innovation so that that cement isn’t super expensive.” In doing so, Gates says that we can greatly reduce carbon emissions, while providing better-quality structures around the world. Helix Micro Rebar is already playing a role in answering Mr. Gates’ call.

Helix Steel Supports American Businesses

Our innovative products help our customers save costs, reduce accidents, expedite construction schedules and deliver superior concrete products. (Read more about how our customers and their businesses have been improved.)

Helix® Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement is the literal foundation of many manufacturing facilities across America, including current projects such as General Motors’ Duramax Facility in Brooksville, Ohio; the General Motors/LG Ultium Cells Facility in Lordstown, OH; Terex Utilities Manufacturing Facility in Watertown, SD; and JBS Cattle Pen Addition in Grand Island, NE.

Helix Steel - Proud to Support American Manufacturing - Helix Steel

Every day that passes is another pleased customer who has been benefited by Helix Steel. “The area of our concrete floor that contains the Helix® Micro Rebar product has held up to our heavy fork truck traffic much better than the areas without,” says EJ Stumph, Woodworth Inc., who has now used the concrete reinforcement in two facilities. “We are very satisfied with the product and we would use it again in the future if/when needed.”

Helix Steel’s Support for America is the Right Thing to Do

Supporting America makes sense. Supply issues and logistical nightmares are rampant in the steel industry, yet Helix Steel is able to control the inputs and outputs much more efficiently than other reinforcement options. Helix Steel’s customers also benefit from shorter lead times.

Keeping America beautiful is also at the foundation of Helix Steel. Our procurement specialists source as many products locally as possible, while reducing waste: recycling cardboard, metal and plastic products. 

While our community supports us, we support them. We give back to local and national charities such as Habitat for Humanity and our local food bank. This isn’t something we need to do; it’s something we choose to do.

By supporting America, we create rewarding experiences for our customers, neighbors, employees and suppliers.

Manufacturing the Superior Concrete Reinforcement 

Today, Helix Steel’s team of specialists continues to support America as it did almost 20 years ago. We encourage you to learn more and discover why there are tens of thousands of applications with Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement in businesses and homes across North America.

Continue browsing our website to see more results of our focus American values or contact a sales representative at sales@helixsteel.com.