Live Webinar: Working With Helix

June 28, 12 p.m. EST

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Helix Steel has 15+ years of experience in providing better ways to build with structural concrete. Helix® Micro Rebar®, which is a one-inch twisted piece of steel, has been used in more than 40,000 projects and has been demonstrated to improve the resiliency, ductility and strength of concrete to resist concrete crack formation.

Understanding building codes and building product evaluation reports will unlock a wealth of options for your clients that you may not even know are available! This knowledge (and openness to innovate) is essential to being competitive in a time where demands are higher for efficiency and performance.

Presented By:

Justin Idalski

Structural Engineer

About Helix Steel

Helix Steel is an innovative business based in Michigan that manufactures and distributes the proprietary Helix® Micro Rebar® concrete reinforcement. The one-inch-long twisted steel pieces are mixed with concrete to create a long-lasting bond, preventing cracks before they even start, and are code-approved in many applications from warehouse slabs and highway bridges to tilt-up panels and ICF.

Proactive Concrete Reinforcement Technology

Saves You Time

Every 10,000 sq. ft. of rebar replaced with Micro Rebar® saves one full day of construction.

Saves You Money

Using Micro Rebar® allows contractors to simplify operations, dramatically reducing project costs.

A Superior Product

When compared to rebar, Helix® Micro Rebar® can increase fatigue resistance by up to 300%, and flexural strength by up to 33%.