Steel Plant

Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

After more than two and a half years of daily usage, the SOG is in excellent condition, without a single crack.

  – Juan Aguilera Villarreal, Tecnor


Project Summary


Category:                 Industrial
Contractor:             Tecnor
Location:                 Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Application:           Exterior Slab on Grade
Original Design:  1 layer of #6 rebar at 12"

Helix Dosage:       30 lb/yd3








Increase in Shear Strength:               585 %

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:    18 %

Increase in Durability:                        60 %

Increased Speed of Construction:   40 Days

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:     771 Tons

This Steel Plant produces Steel coils that weigh @ 28,000 kg (61,000 lb) each.  Once they are manufactured, the operator places them on an exterior slab, stacked three high.  The combined weight for which is @ 84,000 kg (185,000 lb).  With that type of load, cracking was a major concern.  


Tecnor designed the slab on grade with a 30 lb/yd3 dosage of Helix Steel.  This provided far greater pre-crack protection while alleviating the need to chair and tie 1 layer of #6 rebar at 12".  Further, the use of Helix Steel enabled a time savings of over 40 days and a quantifiable increase in shear strength, modulus of rupture and durability.  

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