Using rebar or mesh to reinforce concrete takes lots of time, money, and specialized skill.

Using Micro-Rebar doesn't. Because it shouldn't have to be complicated.

Micro-Rebar is a product of

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2 inches

length of each piece

4 twists

for max adherence to concrete 

peer reviewed

design method 

lab tested

meets industry building codes

3x stronger

than what's required for all applications

16 years

of experience in thousands of projects

faster & easier

to install than rebar or mesh

99 countries

have approved it for use


in initial price, storage cost, & construction cost


reduces carbon emissions


Micro-Rebar is proactive reinforcement that leads to concrete that lasts.

Traditional reinforcement, like rebar, only begins working once the concrete has already cracked.

How to Use

1. Prepare your concrete mixture.

2. Mix Micro-Rebar directly into the concrete, according to the ratios on the chart.

3. Turn or mix for at least 3 minutes to ensure even distribution.

4. Pour concrete normally.

5. Make sure to use proper finishing methods to smooth the surface of the concrete.


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about something like concrete reinforcement?



Micro-Rebar was first developed as part of an engineering project at the University of Michigan. After much testing, Helix Steel was incorporated and began selling the product commercially. With a strong background selling business to business, the Micro-Rebar brand branched out of Helix Steel and into the retail market in 2019. 

Helix Steel and Micro-Rebar products are proudly sourced and manufactured in the U.S.



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