W.A.M. Capital

Kansas, Wichita

The Helix Advantage

90%Shear Strength
17%Durability & Toughness
18%Modulus of Rupture
103%Bending Moment Capacity



W.A.M. Capital


Beran Concrete

Original Design

6x6 W2.9 Mesh

Helix Dosage


W.A.M. Capital, of Wichita, Kansas, completed a facility that is built to last. With concrete walls, paving and 102,000 sq. ft. of flooring, the first class warehouse, distribution, and/or industrial space will provide future tenants maximum interior flexibility and durability. Helix® reinforcement was chosen for the 8ʺ slab on grade to provide increased load and rack capacity, along with a higher resistance to spalling at joints. At just 9lb/yd³ of Helix® reinforcement, the 8ʺ slab carries 2× more capacity compared to a 6″ slab reinforced with mesh.

Learn more about this project from start to finish at W.A.M. Capital’s website.