TekModo Manufacturing Expansion

Three Rivers

The Helix Advantage

430%Shear Strength
51% Durability & Toughness
15%Construction Time
132,000lbs of Steel





CopperRock Construction/Fessler & Bowman

Original Design

10" Slab: (2) layers of #6 @ 12"
6" Slab: 6x6 W2.9 Mesh

Helix Dosage

10" Slab: 27 lbs/yd3
6" Slab: 9 lbs/yd3

TekModo, which produces design-engineered composite materials for the transportation industry, will be building a second manufacturing building at its 72-acre Three Rivers campus, with groundbreaking beginning in late February or early March. The new building will be approximately double the size of its current building at the Enterprise Industrial Park south of Three Rivers, which was built a couple of years ago.

“We will be making design-engineered composites for the transportation industry. It’s a proprietary composite we will be making that we’re not quite ready to share with the public, but it will forever change the transportation industry,” TekModo president and founder Marc LaCounte said. “It’ll bring advanced manufacturing to Three Rivers, and it will offer an opportunity for people to have a clean, safe, comfortable, and very uplifting work environment.”

The new product produced in the new building will be included in the company’s line of composite materials, which include materials for travel trailer floors and sidewalls, bus floors and sidewalls, FedEx and UPS truck roofs, pontoon floors and more broad-based transportation markets. LaCounte said the new building will be a $50 million-plus total investment in the city and is expected to create between 60 and 80 new jobs for the community.

LaCounte said the new building will be part of the growth of the Elkhart-based company’s Three Rivers operations, which could grow to a few more buildings when all is said and done.

“We hope to have somewhere between five to seven buildings within the next five years in Three Rivers,” LaCounte said. “We have our first building done, and our second one, we’re breaking ground in a few short weeks.”