Precast Cladding

Highlandville, Missouri

The original precast panels had a high cracking rate, but with Helix Steel in the panels, we have not had one crack.

— Steven HuffHuff Construction

The Helix Difference

1191 %Shear Strength
98 %Modulus of Rupture
302 %Durability


Original Design

1" thick Cladding Panels

Helix Dosage

1" thick Cladding Panels with 166 lb/yd3

In building Pensmore, Huff Construction, was faced with the challenge of creating a 1″ precast wall panels that would resist cracking and withstand the elements. After several months of testing various types of concrete designs, it was determined that the best configuration was a high strength concrete mix with a stainless Helix Steel dosage rate of 166 lb/yd3.

The Helix Steel reinforced panels have performed better than expected. Thus, Huff Construction, has now implemented Helix Steel in all of their precast designs, ranging from window and door surrounds, to interior trim and other architectural cladding.