Paradise Combined Cycle Plant

Drakesboro, Kentucky



Tennessee Valley Authority

Helix Dosage

9-18" Exterior Pavements - 13.5-22 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
12" - 42" Machine Foundations - 15-35 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
Column and Strip Footings - 15-25 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25

Paradise Combined Cycle Plant is a 3×1 natural gas plant located in Drakesboro, KY.

The facility uses natural gas for combustion and consists of three trains, each with a GE 7FA.05 gas turbine/generator and a Vogt heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). Each HRSG is equipped with natural-gas supplemental duct firing. The steam generated from the HRSGs provides steam to a Toshiba steam turbine/generator.

Plant design allows for simple cycle operation with a summer capacity of 600+ MW, or combined cycle operation with a baseload capacity of 1,025 MW and additional supplemental duct-firing operation of 1,100 MW.

The Paradise Combined Cycle Plant is a highly flexible and dynamic facility providing responsive, clean, and reliable power to TVA’s customer. The facility can operate in 1×1, 2×1, or 3×1 mode or operate in simple cycle mode as needed.

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