Metro Transit Authority East Side Access Tunnel

Manhattan, New York

Helix Steel has been able to meet both the concrete reinforcement specification for the MTA’s East Side Access project and deliver on the demanding supply schedule.

— Leon "Lonnie" JacobsFrontier Kemper



Tunnel Linings



Helix Dosage

70 lb/yd3

The MTA’s East Side Access project, the nation’s largest public transportation project and the first expansion of the Long Island Rail Road in more than 100 years, will connect the rail line via underground tunnels to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

Frontier Kemper’s portion of the project includes work on a permanent structural concrete lining, interior structures, and fit-out for previously excavated tunnels north of Grand Central. Helix Steel is providing Twisted Steel Micro Rebar™ solutions for cast-in-place tunnel final lining and shotcrete applications.