Mahle/Behr Automotive

Troy, Michigan

By using Helix Steel, the contractor realized a time savings of 10 man days.

The Helix Difference

194%Shear Strength
9%Modulus of Rupture



Barnes & Sweeney

Original Design

4" SOG with 6x6, W2.1/W2.1 mesh
4" SOMD with 6x6, W2.1/W2.1 mesh

Helix Dosage

SOG and SOMD with 9 lb/yd3

Mahle/Behr Automotive is a renowned specialist in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. This facility was built to encompass an Office Building, accompanied with a Research and Development Center.

The original design called for both the Slab on Grade and the Slab on Metal Deck to be reinforced with a 6×6, W2.1/W2.1 wire mesh.mThe Helix Steel design methodology enabled total replacement of the wire mesh in both of the slab applications. This was accomplished by adding 9 lb/yd3 of Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement to the concrete.

‘Small’ Shift in Concrete Reinforcement Strengthens Slabs & Walls - Helix Steel

‘Small’ Shift in Concrete Reinforcement Strengthens Slabs & Walls

A one-inch (25-mm) piece of twisted steel is here to prove that big concrete reinforcement isn’t always better. Helix® Micro…

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