Lakeland Developments Warehouse

Canada, Ontario

With a similar cost to traditional reinforcement along with labor and time savings, Helix made a big difference on this project. We estimate that we saved around 20% in time savings over using the wire mesh.

— Ken VanCasteren, Project ManagerTilt Wall Ontario Inc.

The Helix Advantage

170%Shear Strength
21%Modulus of Rupture
11%Bending Moment
20%Total Construction Time



Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Original Design

6" x 6" W5.5 Mesh

Helix Dosage

9 kg/m3

The Lakeland Developments Warehousing Project was a prime example of the speed of tilt-up construction. By utilizing Helix 5-25, panel construction was completed in about 1 month with panel erection occurring in just over 8 hours.

In addition to a short construction schedule, tilt-up construction helped reduce overall costs for this warehouse. By using insulated tilt panels, the building owners will be able to operate the space more efficiently over time, due to lower energy demands and the durability and safety of concrete.

The 13,600-sq. ft. structure was intended as a leasable warehouse space. So, whereas other projects may have involved specific requirements for a particular industry or company, the Lakeland Developments Warehouse was more standardized.

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