Kuparuk Low Water Crossing

Deadhorse, Alaska

With the use of Helix at 45 lbs/yd3, over 40 construction days were saved to fit in the shortened construction season that occurs within the Arctic Circle.




ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.

Helix Dosage

45 lbs/yd3

For almost 20 years, the Kuparuk oil field and related infrastructure was interrupted for an average of 6 weeks per year during the spring flooding season. Originally built in 1999, permanent structures were installed to minimize closures to a one-week time frame during the spring ice break-up period. The design allowed for passage over the area in non-flood periods as well as to allow water to pass over the crossing areas during high water times. The total area covers three channel areas as well as the East and West bridge areas.

Due to unique challenges of a short construction season as well as limited labor and extreme weather conditions, Helix was chosen to help renovate the Kuparuk Low Water Crossing. The crossing area was designed around load requirements of several heavy oil rigs that frequently pass on the crossing including several mobile drill modules.

With the use of Helix, capacity of over 43,000 lbs/ft was met in addition to meeting the time constraints of the project by saving over 40 construction days.