ICON 330 Tower

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Increased Speed of Construction by 16 days, while Reducing Carbon Footprint by 186 tons.

Helix Steel Value in Walls

70%Shear Strength
18%Modulus of Rupture
16 Days SavedSpeed of Construction
186 TonsCarbon Footprint



XDG Construction

Original Design

10’’ Wall with 2-Layers 15M @24’’ OCEW

Helix Dosage

10’’ Wall w/10 lb/yd3
15M @ 15” OC Horizontal
15M @ 21” OC Vertical

ICON330 is a student housing tower located near several universities in Waterloo, Ontario. The award-winning design and architectural teams have created a luxurious living experience for students and young professionals. This prestigious high-rise environment boasts sleek furnished suites with upgraded features and finishings, along with unlimited access to first-class amenities.

The developer wanted to ensure the walls of this structure were highly reinforced, yet easy to place. Using Helix Steel, XDG Construction, was able to place the walls 16 days faster than they would have using traditional rebar design. Both the contractor and developer were impressed with the quality of the finish and the performance of the concrete.