ICF Handeeman

Handeeman ICF Home

St. David, Arizona

"During construction ICF blocks were fitted together and #5 rebar was used above, below, and around windows and doors. Helix Micro Rebar was then infused into the concrete. Each strand of Helix has a 360-degree twist that provides extra strength for the concrete."




ICF Handeeman

Helix Dosage

Helix 5-25 Used in multiple applications.
Slab on Grade; 10.6 lb/yd3.
6" ICF Wall; 21.5 lb/yd3.
Wall Footing; 18 lb/yd3

Erica Marr, sales representative for Helix Steel, appeared on the February 21, 2020, episode of “Building a Home” on the Handeeman YouTube series.  Erica visited Derek Howlett, who goes by the YouTube handle “Handeeman” and his wife Hannah “High Carb Hannah,” digital entrepreneurs who promote a minimalistic debt-free lifestyle. The Howlett’s are building a three-bedroom, 1,800 square foot home in St. David, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert.

Erica traveled to Arizona to meet the Howlett’s and discuss how Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement saves time on footings and slabs as well as its ability to withstand extreme desert temperatures. The Howlett’s, advocates of living off the grid, have not paid an electricity or water bill in over three years.  They currently reside in a 200-square foot tiny home that they built that utilizes a lithium-ion battery solar panel system and four 2,500-gallon water tanks for rainwater harvesting to provide the water and power for their home.

Helix Micro Rebar replaced all the horizontal and corner rebar on their new construction. The home utilizes Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) premade molds that fit together like large interlocking blocks.  The outside wall is constructed of flat sheets of insulation connected with a plastic framework.  The Howlett’s YouTube video demonstrated how easy it is to use Helix Micro Rebar.

Erica stated, “Helix Micro Rebar was a natural choice for Derek and Hannah’s new home.  Having the ability to stack and pour is valuable for builders and contractors who may be short on labor or looking for time savings.”

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