Alstom Manufacturing

Texas, Amarillo

Helix Steel fully replaced 2 layers of #5 rebar at 14" with a 25 lb/yd3 dosage rate.

The Helix Difference

264 %Shear Strength
16 %Modulus of Rupture
51 %Durability
6 Days SavedSpeed of Construction
30 TonsCarbon Footprint



Ryan Companies

Original Design

2 layers of #5 rebar @ 14”

Helix Dosage

25 lb/yd3

Alstom Energy Manufacturing plant that assembles wind turbine nacelles for Alstom Wind, North America in Amarillo, Texas. The 115,000 sq. ft. building was constructed on a 19 acre site and serves as the company’s manufacturing, energy development and sales divisions. Alstom Wind is a subsidiary of ALSTOM Power, Inc., an international power and transportation company.

The Contractor, Ryan Companies, chose Helix Steel to provide structural reinforcement for the Industrial Slab on Grade and Foundation Applications. This increased the overall strength and durability of the concrete, while reducing both construction time and carbon footprint.

‘Small’ Shift in Concrete Reinforcement Strengthens Slabs & Walls - Helix Steel

‘Small’ Shift in Concrete Reinforcement Strengthens Slabs & Walls

A one-inch (25-mm) piece of twisted steel is here to prove that big concrete reinforcement isn’t always better. Helix® Micro…

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