Allen Combined Cycle Plant

Memphis, Tennessee

The Helix Advantage

209%Shear Strength
13%Modulus of Rupture

Infrastructure, Industrial


Tennessee Valley Authority

Original Design

Duct Banks - #4 @ 12-18" including Hooked Ends and 36" Lap Splices
8" Pavement - 1 layer of #4 @ 12"
30" x 12" Trench Footing - 2 layers of #5 @ 6"

Helix Dosage

Duct Banks - 11 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
8" Pavement - 17 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25
30" x 12" Trench Footing - 30 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25

Allen Combined Cycle Plant, began supplying power to the grid in April 2018. The plant—located near Memphis, Tenn.—has two of the world’s largest and most efficient turbines that run on natural gas, with a generating capacity of about 330 megawatts each. The site also has a combustion steam turbine with about 420 megawatts of capacity, enabling total plant capacity to reach over 1,100 Megawatts—enough power to supply more than a half million homes.

In August 2017, more than 3,000 solar panels became operational to provide just under 1 megawatt of power to supply the site with renewable energy capacity.

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