Southpoint Business Park AL-172

Huntsville, Alabama

“Since the inspection process was considerably simpler and faster than an inspection that included rebar, we were able to dig and pour the same day.”

— JD KingDirector of Construction, The Hollingsworth Companies

Helix Advantage

172%Shear Strength
23%Modulus of Rupture
38%Bending Moment
30days savedConstruction Days



The Hollingworth Companies

Original Design

12" and 20" Strip Footings with #4 @ 24"
20-32" Column Footings with 2 layers of #5 bars at 10-18"
8" Dock Walls with #4 @ 12"

Helix Dosage

12" and 20" Strip Footings with 20 lbs/yd3
20-32" Column Footings with 20 lbs/yd3
8" Dock Walls with 20 lbs/yd3

Expanding on their current Southpoint Business Park in Davie County, NC, Hollingsworth Companies started a new phase of construction using Helix Micro-Rebar. Using an engineered design, Helix was able to replace rebar completely in all footings and all horizontal rebar in the dock walls. Since traditional rebar was not used in the footings, the inspection process was simplified and allowed for Hollingsworth to dig and pour the footings the same day. Additionally, any unexpected weather delays were avoided, which could have slowed or halted pouring. The Director of Construction for the Hollingsworth Companies, J.D. King, noted that the new Helix design saved over 30 days on the project schedule and helped the project to stay on budget. Along with those savings, the Helix design increased the durability and strength compared to the original designs. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with Hollingsworth Companies for future projects.

About The Hollingsworth Companies: The Hollingsworth Companies Industrial Building Program doesn’t just build industrial facilities. We build businesses. Because we are likely to own all the real estate surrounding any of our facilities that you might select, we take a very serious interest in making sure your business is successful and growing. Our business grows when your business thrives, so it is only natural for us to want to see you do well. The list of creative solutions to business challenges is as long as our 50 years of combined experience, and it will continue to get longer.

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