AES Alamitos Energy

California, Huntington Beach



AES Alimitos


#4 @ 12-18" including Hooked Ends and 36" Lap Splices

Helix Dosage

11 lbs/cy of Helix 5-25

The Alamitos Energy Center was built to help close the energy gap left by the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) as well as the the retirement of other inefficient plants. The plant also helped to reduce the risk of blackouts and brownouts in the Southern CA areas of temperatures increase during the summer months.

The plant contributes over $8 million to the local community while also helping create tax revenue for local police and fire services.

Finally, the plant can start and stop in a matter on minutes as opposed to over 36 hours that take a traditional energy plant to start and stop. The helps to contribute to the increasing energy regulations that all plants are required to meet in CA by the year 2030.