ABB High Voltage

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Helix dosage of 27 lb/yd3 replaced a conventional design of 2 layers of #5 @12.

The Helix Difference

305 %Shear Strength
27 %Modulus of Rupture
54 %Durability
21 Days SavedSpeed of Construction
102 TonsCarbon Footprint



Swederski Concrete Construction, Inc.

Original Design

2 layers of #5 rebar @12”

Helix Dosage

27 lb/yd³

ABB strives to be a leader in technology that facilitates developments in areas such as ultra-high-voltage power transmission, enabling smart grids and enhancing eco-efficiency. They offer a range of high-voltage products that help enhance safety, reliability and efficiency of power networks while lowering the environmental impact.

“The size of this project was over 210,000 sq. ft and the slab was designed to carry fork lift loads of very large cable spools. The installation of the slab with Helix® went as expected with no issues.”

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‘Small’ Shift in Concrete Reinforcement Strengthens Slabs & Walls

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