Precast Pipes

Durant, Michigan

By adding 30 lb/yd3 of Helix Steel, the customer achieved an increase in Shear Strength of 465%.


Project Summary

Category:                 Precast
Contractor:             Premarc Corporation
Location:                 Durant, Michigan
Application:           Multi Compartment Tank

Original Design:  12" Concrete Pipe, 1 layer W5 bars at 6

Helix Design:       12" Concrete Pipe, 30 lb/yd3




Increase in Shear Strength:               465 %

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:    28 %

Increase in Durability:                        62 %

The Premarc Corporation supplies the underground construction industry with concrete products including all sizes of concrete storm and sanitary sewer pipe, manholes and similar structures, box culverts, a patented three sided culvert called CON/SPAN, and prestressed concrete bridge beams.  

The original reinforced concrete pipe design required wire mesh cages to be manufactured and preset prior to the concrete being poured.  By selecting Helix Steel for structural reinforcement, Premarc were able to provide quantifiable strength to the pipes, while reducing the amount of labor required to manufacture them.  In addition, the new pipe design passed ASTM C76 requirement for Class V 12” pipe.

Precast Projects

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