The Steel Reinforcement Designed for Ready-Mix Concrete Producers

Helix Micro Rebar helps to prevent concrete cracks before they start, while also helping ready-mix producers operate more efficiently than ever before.

If you’ve worked with synthetic fibers, you know that headaches, frustrations and lost time are fairly normal in the batching and pouring processes. Helix Steel is here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be this way – there’s an alternative that’s proven to deliver superior results in every way. 

Helix Micro Rebar: Ready-Mix Concrete Producers’ Choice for Fiber Alternative 

Helix Micro Rebar is a one-inch (25-mm) twisted piece of steel that is mixed with concrete at your batch plant to eliminate or reduce traditional reinforcement (rebar and mesh) required by building codes.

For two decades, Helix Micro Rebar has been used in tens of thousands of projects to increase concrete’s strength and durability, while offering those who use it a litany of other benefits for every stage of the construction process: engineers, general contractors, developers, precasters and ICF builders.

The Steel Reinforcement Designed for Ready-Mix Concrete Producers - Helix Steel 01

How Does Helix Micro Rebar Help Ready-Mix Concrete Producers?

We’ve spoken with our ready-mix customers and have created this ‘Top Five’ list of reasons you will want to learn more about Helix Micro Rebar. 

1. Twisted Steel Micro-Reinforcement Has Better Consistency Than Fibers

If you want to improve your concrete’s workability (i.e. how readily the concrete can be mixed, placed, consolidated and finished) you have to think outside of ‘fiber’.

Helix Micro Rebar may be small, but it’s no fiber. It is 400 stronger and 8x stiffer than concrete, and 300% stronger and 7x times stiffer than polyethylene, allowing shorter lengths (only one inch) and smaller dosages. This ensures that the concrete is easier to mix and finish than plastic fibers, and even steel fibers.

What does that mean for you? Significant time savings. Your drivers can’t control the traffic to get to the jobsite, but Helix Micro Rebar can save precious minutes in delivering a load to where it needs to go, and getting back faster than ever possible.

2. Shorter Lead Times

Why operate at the mercy of rebar, when your project’s entire schedule can be expedited with a delivery of Helix Micro Rebar in as little as a couple of weeks? Rebar can take as long as six weeks, and even short delays can lead to expensive and time-consuming issues down the road.

3. Decreased Labor Costs

Faster delivery times from superior workability can reduce labor costs, and allow you to do more concrete deliveries in a day than ever before. What could your business do with an extra 20% of your crew waiting for work?  Customers report savings of approximately one day per 10,000 square feet where Helix Micro Rebar is used in place of rebar or mesh.

The Steel Reinforcement Designed for Ready-Mix Concrete Producers - Helix Steel 02

4. Can Be Used in Many Concrete Applications

Helix Micro Rebar has a 20-year history of being used in a wide range of applications, from concrete slabs and foundations to tunnel linings and overpasses. It is the only code-approved alternative to rebar, and has been certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and Uniform Evaluation Service (IAPMO-ES).

5. A Partnership With Value-Added Incentives

Ready-mix producers can generate thousands of extra dollars on every load of concrete by choosing Helix Micro Rebar. Helix Steel offers ready mix producers significant pricing discounts through our reseller program.

This is just the beginning when it comes to understanding the benefits that changing a concrete reinforcement can make for your business. Take the next step and learn more about how Helix Micro Rebar can make your crews, equipment and business run better.

Speak with one of our in-house engineers or project specialists to learn more about using Helix Micro Rebar at your batch plant, or read this testimonial from a ready-mix producer in Minnesota about how they chose to innovate their reinforcement.